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Server Management with an Edge

Designed for IT Operations

Manage very large Server Environments Improved Efficiency Single Integrated Software Tool Reduced Risk
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Innovative Server Management

Completely Models Operational Environments Manage Large Scale Server Environments Pro-active Server Management A Single Software Tool Saves Money

I-Insight: Innovative Operational Server Management

I-Insight is our flagship product that combines innovative and ground-breaking techniques with a wealth of experience in large scale datacenter and server management.

I-Insight has been designed from ground up by battle-hardened Operations Experts with one goal – to put you firmly in control of your heterogeneous server estate.

Whether day-to-day operations, power-down exercises or disaster recovery tests – I-Insight offers pre-emptive solutions instead of uncalculated risk, proactive server management instead of firefighting and an integrated approach that bridges the gap between server, incident and change management.

We know IT Operations !  I-Insight will put your datacenters at your fingertips as well as many free hours back into your working week and weekends.


Server Snapshots

  • Comprehensive Machine Data collected with each Snapshot
  • Snapshot frequency and data granularity is fully configurable
  • Snapshots archival for server history
  • Snapshots enable offline data diagnostics
  • No-touch server access for troubleshooting and change work preparation

Compliance Engine

  • Automated comparison of Server Configurations against configurable compliance template
  • Granular template definition of server conditions and dependencies
  • PASS/FAIL criteria of various requirement weight e.g. hard requirement, soft requirement.
  • Automated accumulation of compliance results into estate wide Datacenter Dashboard

Comparison Engine

  • Current server state can be compared against historic snapshots
  • Comparison checks allow a PASS/FAIL status to be defined
  • PASS/FAIL status can be rolled up for macro views
  • Server configuration can be compared against known defects/root cause triggers to identify impacted server population

Server Management

  • Notes and alerts can be attached to a specific server
  • A comprehensive change log of all Machine Data is kept
  • A configurable server summary of key information is displayed
  • I-Insight can be interfaced directly into organisational incident/change systems
  • Enable preemptive Operational Management

I-Insight: Cut your outage costs!

Independent reports state that for the largest technology dependent companies a significant infrastructure outage can costs the business as much as £5,500 per minute.
The devastating reputational and business impact of significant incidents can be seen with recent examples such as Google and Blackberry.

I-Insight with its innovative techniques will help to avoid or shorten outages using pro-active configurable checks that will alert you to
RED flag issues as well as supplying critical historical Machine Data which will improve the Mean Time To Recovery.

About Us

Threeisquared is a company that was formed in 2013 to develop commercially an innovative idea for improving the way medium to large infrastructure environments were managed.

We are a small focused team with more than 40 years, large scale, complex and front-line operational experience in both systems administration and operational management.

We have developed a fully architected, enterprise quality application which completely models the operational environment for all infrastructure teams.

Our product (i-Insight) is a software tools for managing a server environment.

  • Innovation

    We have a large number of innovative ideas that we think will challenge the way we operate and manage large scale server environments today and tomorrow. We have used our extensive experience to model the operational environment into a unique tool that allows you to be proactive, reduce the risk of running a server estate and ultimately save you money.

  • 👤

    Customer Excellence

    Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service and a first class product. We will therefore work with you every step of the way.

Key Differentiators

Reducing Requirement for Day to Day Server Access
Complete Offline Machine Data
Diagnostics Rather Than Threshold Monitoring
Complex Condition Diagnostics

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