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About Us

We are a specialist and focused team with more than 40 years experience running front line day-to-day operations for institutions with very large server and application estates.

Over time we’ve dealt with all of the big problems, developing pre-emptive solutions and helping client companies run more efficiently. We’ve put every drop of our experience and knowledge into our products and services, meaning you get a solution that is battle-hardened and ready to rock.

Our products are designed from the ground up with operational management placed front and centre, all backed up by our highly qualified and experienced support staff.

Why our tools?

If you run an infrastructure or application estate then our innovative tools can help you manage your environment holistically. They can give you an estate-wide view combined with the information you need to debug problems at the server level.

Our innovative techniques really will lighten your day-to-day workload while also helping you protect your business from future down-time. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the typical case studies to see how our software and tools can revolutionise the way you manage your server infrastructure.


Mark Tidmarsh

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

I started work in the City of London in 1994, initially for a financial software house and then since 1996 for a number of Investment banks.

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Janko Linhart

Founder and Chief Technical Officer

My career started in 1995 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and I have worked since then in a number of Retail and Investment Banks but also for many years in the Software Industry.

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